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Moving to a new location? Expanding?

First let me say that I love our customers! I have met so many wonderful people who take time out of their day to come and spend it with us. Some have possibly been there when we have mentioned or talked about possibly relocating.

Well let me first say that if we relocate it will be more than likely in the same area or somewhere in downtown. It could be that we stay at our current location and expand to a second one.

We did at one time have two studio spaces going. One was a production site at 1120 Commerce. We were helping out our good friends over at Spaceworks. We soon realized that our production studio would work better at home and to open space up for another business at 1120. So now that we have about 95% of our production done at home, and the remaining 5% done at Freighthouse. Did you know that we have actually 2 spaces in Freighthouse? The retail portion is what you will see, but below is where we store molds, do some production, and where we fire our pieces.

At any rate, nothing is concrete at this time. We are always planning for the future, and if you are a subscriber then you will know when and what those changes are. So stay tuned as we continue to explore our options.


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