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Energize Tacoma is our non-profit initiative that focuses on Culture, Art, and Science. As a pottery studio, we have worked with various non-profit organizations to provide education, art therapy, and creative art projects for the community. In 2024, The Painting Panda Pottery Studio got a contract with Metro Parks Tacoma, and the Tacoma Public Schools, to provide after school programs in clay as well as arts & crafts. What started out as a single clay contract quickly turned to also doing an arts & crafts contract.  

We are beyond excited to continue our work in the community. Past work with organizations like JDRF, Fawcett PTA, UWT, Tacoma Urban League, and Merrill Gardens show our dedication to be more than just a pottery studio, but one that is more of the community.

In 2021, Energize Tacoma was created to activate unused areas of the city like plazas and parks. So, we started our first project which was to activate Tollefson Plaza in Downtown Tacoma. We had food trucks on the plaza each Wednesday during the lunch hours. 

In 2023, Energize Tacoma created three areas of focus, which was Art, Culture, and Science. We have created a program outline for each area of focus. Some of our programs are only online programs, and others will be in person.

In 2024, Energize Tacoma will go live with our website, as well as establish our steering committee. We hope to create a roadmap of what Energize Tacoma plans to accomplish. 

Click below for the Energize Tacoma website. 




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