***Our Panda Paint Kits online store will be going through a more customer friendly overhaul.  During times where we have to shutdown or have severe seating restrictions due to Covid-19, these kits can still be picked up, and then you can drop them off when you are done. 


Choose your pottery pieces here.  When you come to pick-up your pieces, be sure to choose your colors when you arrive.  With our kits you choose 6 different colors.  Any additional colors after 6 will cost $1 each.  Be sure to also add a paint brush when you go to our store site.  Brushes are for sale at $1.00 per brush.   You can always give us a call (253-256-2128) if you have any questions or if you have problems with the site.  Thank you for your time!  

Panda Paint Colors

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