Frequently asked questions

Are the prices listed in store the full price including everything?

Yes! The price includes all materials, paint, glaze, and firing of the piece. It doesn't include taxes however.

What do I do when I get there, I am new to this?

Follow these steps:

  1. Pick the piece you want to paint.
  2. Pick any designs from our collection, or freehand a design.
  3. Choose the paint colors you would like, along with brushes, and a pallete.
  4. When you are done, you pay the price of the piece, and leave it with us. It usually takes about a week for the piece to be ready for pickup. You will get an email when it is ready.

Is there a studio fee to paint?

No! The price for the pieces are what you have to pay plus tax. The only time there is a studio fee is if you want to have a party or event. In that case you will rent out the whole studio, and be charged a fee.

This is perfect for a party, girls night, or large group, can I rent the whole studio?

Yes you can! Renting the studio is only available on Sundays at this time, so be sure to book as soon as possible. What we provide: · Seating capacity for 20 people total. · All supplies, designs, tools, and assistance to your questions. · We will glaze and fire all the pieces. · Private access to the entire studio. What to expect: · Pottery total of $50 minimum for a party. · A separate venue fee of $50 required at booking. · Minimum of 6 people for any party reservation. · Party will last for 2 hours, so no need to rush. · You can bring any food, drink, and party supplies. The great thing is, we will take care of the party clean up!

How long do you hold my piece after I have painted it and I need to pick up.

We try to fire our pieces every week so that you can pick it up a week later. Sometimes there are circumstances that may delay when we get to fire the piece(s). Regardless, when we contact you by phone, text, or email, you have 30 days from that time to pick up your piece. After that the piece maybe discarded. Due to limited space, items that are past 30 days maybe discarded at that point. We do not offer a discount or money back in those circumstances.

Can things go wrong in the kiln?

Yes. When pottery/clay is heated to the tempertures to glaze the pottery, there are many things that could go wrong. One issue is pottery explosion. Simply put at a couple thousand degrees, if a piece of pottery has a defect, the heat can make the pottery/clay explode. As a result other pieces in the kiln can get damaged or destroyed. The piece that exploded would also be typically damaged beyond recognition. In the case of explosion we will try to fix affected pieces, usually this is scraping off the bits of the pottery that came in contact with the pieces. Usually the customer may not notice any difference. If the impact is large enough pieces can not be fixed. In that case we will work with the customer to find a instore solution.