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  • Are the prices listed in store the full price including everything?
    Yes! The price includes all materials, paint, glaze, and firing of the piece. It doesn't include taxes however.
  • What do I do when I get there, I am new to this?"
    Follow these steps: Pick the piece you want to paint. Pick any designs from our collection, or freehand a design. Choose the paint colors you would like, along with brushes, and a pallete. When you are done, you pay the price of the piece, and leave it with us. It usually takes about a week for the piece to be ready for pickup. You will get an email when it is ready.
  • Is there a studio fee to paint?
    No! The price for the pieces are what you have to pay plus tax. The only time there is a studio fee is if you want to have a party or event. In that case you will rent out the whole studio, and be charged a fee.
  • This is perfect for a party, girls night, or large group, can I rent the whole studio?"
    Yes you can! Renting the studio is only available on Sundays at this time, so be sure to book as soon as possible. What we provide: · Seating capacity for 20 people total. · All supplies, designs, tools, and assistance to your questions. · We will glaze and fire all the pieces. · Private access to the entire studio. What to expect: · Pottery total of $125 minimum for a party. · A separate venue fee of $50 required at booking. · Minimum of 6 people for any party reservation. · Party will last for 2 hours, so no need to rush. · You can bring any food, drink, and party supplies. The great thing is, we will take care of the party clean up! · If you need extra time, it is $25 each hour after 2 hours. · If you are to cancel, please do so in 24 hours prior to the event. You are then able to use the deposit for a different date.
  • How long do you hold my piece after I have painted it and I need to pick up.
    We fire our pieces every week so that you can pick it up a week later. Sometimes there are circumstances that may delay when we get to fire the piece(s), if that happens we will contact you to let you know. When pieces are fired and ready to go, you have 30 days from that time to pick up your piece. After that the piece maybe discarded. Due to limited space, items that are past 30 days maybe discarded at that point. We do not offer a discount or money back in those circumstances.
  • Can things go wrong in the kiln?
    Yes. When pottery/clay is heated to the tempertures to glaze the pottery, there are many things that could go wrong. One issue is pottery explosion. Simply put at a couple thousand degrees, if a piece of pottery has a defect, the heat can make the pottery/clay explode. As a result other pieces in the kiln can get damaged or destroyed. The piece that exploded would also be typically damaged beyond recognition. In the case of explosion we will try to fix affected pieces, usually this is scraping off the bits of the pottery that came in contact with the pieces. Usually the customer may not notice any difference. If the impact is large enough pieces can not be fixed. In that case we will work with the customer to find a instore solution.
  • Can I drop my underage kids off there?
    Children under 16 would need to be accompanied by an adult, or have an adult somewhere in the building. We want to have a safe environment for everyone, and it is best that parents or a responsible party stay with children. Exceptions for children under 16: - Party or event at the studio. Parents can drop off children that are attending a party that someone they know is having at the studio. - Classes that are held. If you sign your child up for classes, then you are able to drop your child off at the studio, and pick them up when the class is over.
  • When can I pick up my finished pices and will you contact me?
    Pieces take about a week turn around time with Saturdays or Sunday being our firing days. So if you painted on Friday of last week, just come in a week later on Saturday and your pieces will be ready for pickup. We no long contact customers when their pieces are done. Since we control our firing times your pieces will be done a week later. If there is any issue or delay on our end, we will be sure to reach out to you.
  • Kiln damage
    Kilns work perfectly fine 95% of the time. Similar to baking in an oven, anything can and will go wrong. Our kiln heats your pieces to well over 1,100 degrees. If any piece is damaged due to kiln issues (power got knocked off, misfire, malfunction, etc) you can paint the same piece again for free. Keep in mind that sometimes pieces are painted more than 3 coats, which will damage the piece when the kiln fires it. Painting more than 3 coats will cause your piece to look chalky, or milky. It could cause it to crack, or explode. Often there will be discoloration. This isn't a kiln issue, but an overglazing issue. We can still allow you to paint the same piece at no extra cost, if you decide to do that.
  • Don't paint more than 3 coats.
    Keep in mind that sometimes pieces are painted more than 3 coats, which will damage the piece when the kiln fires it. Painting more than 3 coats will cause your piece to look chalky, or milky. It could cause it to crack, or explode. Often there will be discoloration. This isn't a kiln issue, but an overglazing issue. We can still allow you to paint the same piece at no extra cost, if you decide to do that. Keep in mind we have to add another clear coat at the end, which helps give the piece the shine. Too much paint by the painter plus the clear coat, will make the piece color distorted. We have no way of knowing if you painted a piece with 3 coats of 10 until after it is fired. Also if you don't glaze an area (add paint), it will get a clear glaze at the end, which is what all pieces get. Those unpainted areas will appear white when you get it back. If you want more vibrant colors, paint the same color 3 times. When you are don't painting it will not be shiny, it will look more like colored chalk. This is fine and normal, and your piece is fine.
  • Service fee for parties.
    In the past we didn't charge a gratuity or service fee, and often our workers would get tips. Keep in mind that when you have a party, no matter how big or small, we clean up everything left behind. Take out trash, sanitize and prepare the party room or main studio for the next party, or for regular usage. Sometimes customers don't tip. As a small studio our prices are lower than many other places. The amount of work and raw materials required to make bisque sometimes cost more than what we price on the shelf. We want everyone to be able to have access to our studio, this is why some pieces are as low as $3. However we also need to be fair to our staff who works hard to make our studio as warm and inviting as possible. Starting May 14, 2022, all party purchases, will have a required $25 service fee. Gratuity is required in places like a restaurant due to how hard servers have to work to clean up after a larger than normal group in addition to attending to other clients. We do value our customers as well as our staff, but have to make sure that both are treated respectfully.
  • Why are your hours/days so limited?
    There was once a time when we first opened in 2019 that we were open 7 days a week. At the time, we didn't have the customer volume to justify being open that many days and the hours we had. Having a small family-owned business with 3 kids under the age of 12, and both of us having full-time jobs leaves us with the current hours we have. We had plans when we opened to be open more, but once Covid happened, our situation changes. Since then we have operated on the same Covid hours, and we get to have a bit of work life balance. Having a good work-life balance is something you and we want. Without it, there will not be a studio. So to make sure we have a business that can give you amazing products to paint, and for us to be able to watch our kids grow, we have limited hours. With that said, we recently started hiring workers to work at the studio to assist us as we grow. Since we now are having good volume of customers, it makes sense to hire workers, which means we can expand our hours/days. That will not be an over night thing, and realistically hours and days will gradually increase. This gives our customers, the building, and our staff enough time to adjust to expanded hours. We are a work in progress and will always be. As part of the small business community in Tacoma we all have to pivot and adjust when we can. Stay tuned as we do expand hours and days when we can.
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