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Website update March

As our studio has grown over the years we have now found the need to have staff. We went from no employees to having one last year.

As we grew into our flagship store we quickly realized that we needed additional staff. With our website refresh, we will add all of our staff. Be sure to say hi to our staff members when you see them. Soon a staff section will be added to our website.

Also on the website we will update our class section. As we gear up for the summer, we will be offering summer classes for youth. Stay tuned as we constantly update our website.

Finally if you haven't noticed our artscapes window. Currently it is a Easter theme. This artscapes window will change often so be sure to always keep an eye out and pay attention to details in the artscapes. Rumor has it that soon prizes can be won by finding hidden "Easter eggs, or clues" from time to time.

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