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Discounts at our studio!

We strive to reward members of our community who take the time to visit our studio.  Our discounts are our way to give back to you.  We love what we do, and seeing the amazing creations that our members create.

*Discounts are not for party purchases, reservations, bisque pieces during a party.  Discounts only apply in store.  Discounts can not be used to buy gift cards.

Student Discount

If you are a college or university student we offer a 10% discount.  Just be sure to show your Student ID, and tell as at checkout.


Active Military Members & Spouses, and Veterans

We appreciate our armed forces both past and present.  We love seeing out military families come and create memories here.  Currently we offer a 10% discount during the year.  Be sure to let us know that you are a member or a veteran during checkout.


Senior Citizens

Seniors have a special place in our hearts.  Noelle and I have older parents and love the wisdom they give us.  Often looking to take the grandkids for an activity, pottery is one way to spend time.  A Senior Citizen Discount is at 10%.



If you have ever visited us and painted with us, we want to reward you with a loyalty discount.  Each time you visit our studio, we will discount your purchases with a 10% discount.

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