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Wheel Rental






  • Available to anyone who is already experienced in wheel throwing                                                          and would like to use the wheel completely on their own.

  • No supervision or guidance in wheel throwing is provided by staff-                                                      you are just renting the wheel time.

  • Available in 2-hour Sessions: Includes up to 1 hour and 45 minutes

       maximum time on the wheel and 15 minutes of active cleanup. With

       only 1 wheel, we can only accommodate 1 person at a time, per


  • 2 Hour sessions include use of wheel, tools, bisque firing of viable pieces, up to 1 hour and 45 minutes on the wheel and a required 15 minutes of active cleanup so that the next person using the wheel has a clean wheel and workspace just like you had when you started your session. 

  • Consecutive open wheel sessions can be purchased for back to back hours on the wheel.

  • Wheel time must be booked and paid for in advance. Wheel work can be booked for anytime during our normal business hours - call or email us to book a time. 

  • Pricing structure will be by the session at $40 per session for use of the wheel. Use of tools are included in this price (clay is extra) and includes your bisque fire*.

  • There is no limit to the quantity of thrown pieces you can make during your 1 hour and 45 minutes of wheel time. At the 1:45-minute mark, you are expected to have completed your last piece for the session and you will start cleaning up so that the next person can use the wheel. We will fire your viable items to a Cone 04 bisque in approximately 10-14 days - we'll notify you once they have been fired and your 45 days of storage starts once you have been notified. 

  • Clay is $20 for a 25 lb bag and we will provide storage for your clay. If you choose to bring your own clay - it must be a low-fire clay body or we will not fire it and we cannot provide storage for your leftover clay.

  • We provide and use only low-fire clays/glazes and fire at Cone 04/06. We do not fire at higher
    temperatures than cone 04/06.

  • Works in progress can be kept for 30 days. If after 30 days they are not finished, then the piece will be reclaimed.

  • Bisque-fired pieces can only be stored in-studio for up to 45 days - however, you can always pick it up and then bring it back to glaze at another time.

  • Glazing/firing your finished fired pieces is a separate process/fee. Price for glaze/firing will depend on the size of the piece starting as low as $2 per piece - price per piece determined by studio owner. 

*Additional Cost: If you’d like to purchase clay, we sell clay by 25lb bags for $20 available for your use during your session time. You may then come back and glaze your pottery pieces at your leisure up to 45 days from the date you were notified it was ready. We reserve the right to charge appropriate fees for firing XL pieces (per firing for both bisque and glaze firings). This fee will be charged per piece and per firing for any pieces you make in excess of 10 inches in diameter and/or 10 inches high, as measured by a ruler. We also reserve the right to refuse any overly large, complex or fragile work of clay. If you are concerned about a possible refusal to fire, please speak with the owner only(our regular staff cannot assist you with this inquiry) prior to arranging time to make this type of piece on the wheel.

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