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Some web page changes

Being an art studio means that it is all about creativity. We consider ourselves as being creative and ever evolving. So with that said, we wanted to change somethings on our web page. Now it will still mostly be the same, but small differences are there. One you will now see the blog page, which is where you are now. This is now on our main page in a more prominent section in the top tags row. Now to be fair the main page already had the blog page listed. It is further down the page, so we felt having two sites for the blog was best.

Second change is the removal of the online store. Now we may bring an online store back at some point, or in some form. We never could get the software update showing that we were in stock of items, so we removed it as an option. So come in the store to look around at our ever changing selection.

So these are the only two major changes at this time. Sure we will make additional updates of the site, but we want to make sure our web page is simple to use and understand. As always, stay creative!

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